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 Japanese Cheesecake

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PostSubject: Japanese Cheesecake   Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:59 am

00 g (14.1 oz) cream cheese, at room temperature
60 g (6 Tbsp.) granulated sugar
60 g (about 4 Tbsp.) unsalted butter, at room temperature
6 egg yolks, at room temperature
200 ml heavy cream, at room temperature
10 ml (2 tsp.) lemon juice
1 Tbsp. rum
80g (2.8 oz/about 8 Tbsp.) all purpose flour
6 egg whites
100g (10 Tbsp.) granulated sugar for meringue
3 Tbsp. Apricot jam + 1 tsp. water
What you will need
9 inch non-stick springform pan
Parchment paper
Aluminum foil (preferably large heavy duty one)
Cooking spray
Boiled water
Large baking pan that fits a springform pan

Before you start preping, remember to keep cream cheese, butter, egg yolks, and heavy cream at room temperature. Preheat oven to 320F (160C) degree. Start boiling water. In stand mixer, beat cream cheese and 60g granulated sugar until smooth. Add and beat butter. Beat egg yolk first and then add to the mixture. Then add heavy cream and combine all together. I also switched to a whisk here. Add lemon juice and rum and mix until the batter is very smooth. Sift flour twice. Add the flour all at once and mix. Take the batter out to a large bowl. Wash the stand mixer’s bowl and dry completely. In stand mixer, whisk egg whites and add 100g sugar in three separate times. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks. To test for stiff peaks, the peaks should stand straight up when you lift up the beaters. The whites should not slide around. If you whisk too much, the surface of cake will crack. Add 1/3 of meringue to the batter and mix well first. Then add the rest of meringue all at once and fold it in (not mix this time). Cut parchment paper for the bottom and around the springform pan. Lightly spray oil on the cake pan and place the parchment paper. Spray oil again on the paper and sprinkle some flour on the bottom. Cover the bottom of the pan and fold the extra foil on the side. If you use regular size aluminum foil, make sure to seal the two sheets of foil very tightly by folding two edges and make one big foil. The foil is to prevent water from seeping through the gap to the cake. Pour the batter in the springform pan and then give the pan several sharp taps on the counter to bring up any air bubbles that may be trapped in the batter. Place the springform pan in the baking pan and pour 1 inch of boiling water in a baking pan. Place the baking pan in the middle rack of the oven. (The reason why we put hot water in the pan is that steam will help making cake soft and moist and hot water around the cake will gradually cook inside the cake while baking in the oven.) Bake at 320F (160C) for 60 minutes or until light golden brown. Then reduce temperature to 300F (150C) degree and bake for 30 minutes. (Hmm?! The top surface of the cake was nice and smooth before baking...) When the inserted skewer comes out clean, turn off the oven. Let the cake sit in the oven with the door slightly ajar for 15 minutes. Sudden temperature difference will result in collapse of the cake. After 15 minutes, remove from the oven. Take out the springform from the baking pan, and let it cool on a wire rack. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine apricot jam and water. Microwave for 30-60 seconds until hot and spread the jam on the cake. When the cake is completely cool, take it out from the pan. If you are not using a springform pan, wait until the cake is cool and take it out from the cake pan. Then microwave and spread the apricot jam. Refrigerate for a few hours before you serve. Cut the cake with a fishing line or a warm knife. Before each cut, run a knife under hot water and wipe off completely.

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Japanese Cheesecake
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