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 Shironuri fashion

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PostSubject: Shironuri fashion   Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:38 pm

* ''Shironuri'' (白塗り) litteraly means ''painted in white''. It refers to the white traditional makeup worn by geishas and stage actors. It is also sometimes called ''shiro mamba'' (white mamba) because it uses heavy makeup as yamamba, but with reversed colors.
The shironuri community isn't the same as the Harajuku kids community. They have their own gatherings and parties, that is why they rarely appear on any Harajuku-based snaps site such as Tokyo Fashion. Two exceptions are Uri who attends events such as Pop N Cute and Minori who can often be seen in the streets of Harajuku. While the Harajuku community is located in the Tokyo Harajuku-Shinjuku area, the angura and shironuri community is stronger in the Kansai area (Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto-Nara). However, there also are big shironuri meetings in Tokyo.

* Shironuri fashion takes its inspiration from many sources. As there are no real rules except having your face painted in white, any clothing worn with shironuri makeup can be considered shironuri. However, some influences are more specific to shironuri fashion.
(Please take note that the names that I use aren't real ''styles''. It is only to make it easier to understand.)
''RETRO japanese look''
While most other japanese fashion styles have their sources in european culture, shironuri uses traditional japanese elements. Kimono, hakama and geta are sometimes part of the outfits. However, more than the purely traditional style, the Showa era (1926-1989) had a strong incluence on shironuri fashion. Gakuran, sailor fuku, military uniforms and japanese war flags are common elements.
''Gothic/dolly look''
European fashion elements can also be used in shironuri. While some will go for a more gothic aristocratic look with well tailored clothes, the ''antique doll'' look is also popular. This look is created by wearing layers of vintage, sometimes ragged, clothes.
Some individuals have their own sub-style such as Uri's decora-shironuri and Minori's nature inspired outfits. I have also seen some lolita and cyber girls with shironuri makeup!
Inspiration list : grotesque, monsters, youkai, inugami, folklore, circus, grand guignol, horror, uniforms, black stars, japanese war flag, eclipses, dolls, gothic, cross, jester, clown, eyepatch, bandages.

* First comes the white foundation (cream or liquid) and white powder. You can either apply it only in the face like if it would be a white mask, or cover your neck area and make sure all your visible skin is painted in white. In this case, either paint your hands or wear gloves.
(Other angura styles sometimes use white powder or very light foundation on the face to create a softer effect than shironuri.)
Black heavy eyeliner is the most popular, with top and bottom fake lashes. Make sure the lashes you choose are long enough to show even over a tick eyeliner line. Another option is a very tick eyeliner line all arround the eye with smudged black eyeshadow and no fake lashes. This will give a less feminine panda-ish look.
For the lips, you may decide to leave them white or to reshape it and recolor it as you want. Black or red are popular colors.
Lenses are also often worn, either the special effects ones or the more classical circle lenses.
In shironuri, makeup is a step where you can have some fun and give a unique look to your whole outfit. Don't be affraid to experiment and draw on your face as you like! Kuchisake-onna's makeup (a sliced mouth with sharp teeths drawn on the side of the real mouth) or the japanese war flag are popular exemples. (No, it wasn't Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that invented this makeup, it is part of the japanese folklore).

* Black is the most classic hair color in shironuri, as it is the natural color of most japanese people. However, unnatural bright and flashy colors are also popular, often worn as wigs.
Unless you are going for an all-in-white outfit, I would recommend avoiding pale hair color such as blond or white, as it won't contrast with the white makeup and your face will look larger.

Source: POPkakumei

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Shironuri fashion
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