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 How to be Kawaii

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PostSubject: How to be Kawaii   Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:54 pm

1 Step: Keep up with the latest trends by doing some research on the Internet. Reading magazines with things that interest you is a good start, you can also check out fun blogs for ideas.

2 Step: Do not be afraid to stand out and be noticed. Don't worry about what people think of you. In fact, not caring is essential.But don't be kawaii just so you can grab attention from others because sometimes it can be obvious.

3 Step: Layer well - this is important Wear cute patterns and bright colors. Skirts and dresses are adorable, too, and it's a great idea to wear striped and/or brightly colored leggings, stockings, or tights with them.

4 Step: Smile and/or giggle a lot. Not to an excess, like just giggling to hear your laughter, but when someone says something nice. Also know when to be serious. It can get really annoying if you need someone to calm down and be serious and they just won't. That's not being kawaii- that's being an annoyance. Don't be afraid to tone it down if someone seems to be a bit ticked off (whether at you or something else).

5 Step: Wear interesting, unique pieces. There are a lot of cute t-shirts out there, and those can look adorable when paired with the right accessories and whatnot.

6 Step: Carry a tote bag around with you!! Messenger bags are the best, and you can add little pins and chains to it to make it more interesting. Check Target, they're reasonably priced and have some seriously cute stuff.

7 Step: Accessorize! Cute, fuzzy accessories are definitely kawaii. So is anything brightly colored or with cute 'chibi' things on it.

8 Step: If you wear makeup, keep it light. Don't pile on the foundation, please, and avoid smoky eye looks; that's more "sexy" than "kawaii". Keep eyeliner to a minimum (liquid is a better kawaii look) and either wear bright (NEVER DARK) eyeshadow or none at all. Lipstick should always be pink or coral, never dark (again), and lip gloss should be applied sparingly.

9 Step: If you don't mind, keep a cute Tamagotchi or stuffed animal with you all the time. This shows that you love cute things like pets. Tamagotchi can attach to key chains or necklaces, and stuffed animals can peep out of bags (some even have velcro pads on the end long limbs, enabling them to hang around your shoulder).

10 Step: Basically, wear stuff that is clean, doesn't reveal too much, fits and suits you, and isn't too harsh. Sounds complicated but it's not. You could also try wearing a really light and clean top over a long sleeved white top. If the top you're wearing over it is very pretty and gives off the "baby doll" theme, you'll get the perfect, sweet look. Experiment and play around.

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How to be Kawaii
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