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 How to be Decora

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PostSubject: How to be Decora   Thu Sep 26, 2013 2:05 pm

1 Step: Layer. Layering is one of the most important elements in decora. Layering is everything. Don't be afraid to layer socks over tights or 3-4 different shirts together.

2 Step: Don't look like a walking brand name. Decora is a childlike fashion and yes, Hello Kitty and Pokemon are adored, but try to add your own personal 'thing' to the clothes. Better yet, make your own.

3 Step: Don't just suddenly decide you want to start wearing nothing but decora. Ease into it gradually.

4 Step: Don't go out wearing decora if you don't have enough accessories or layers to suit your taste or else it'll look messy and incomplete.

5 Step: Hair plays a huge role in decora. The most popular hairstyle is simple, cute pigtails. Accessorize with a few headbands and a truckload of hair clips. Bows are very popular in the decora world.

6 Step: Don't hesitate to decorate yourself with plastic toys. This adds dimension to your decora outfit.

7 Step: Cute body jewels and glitter are also good. Stick a few stars or a smiley face sticker under your eyes.

8 Step: Don't wear a lot of makeup. This style is all about childlike playfulness and you can hardly expect to get that look with a tonne of makeup on.

9 Step: Socks make up a huge part of the outfit. Feel free to embellish the tops with frills, ribbons, chains, charms... basically, whatever tickles your fancy.

10 Step: In every decora girl's wardrobe lie a few pairs of bright and cute sneakers and/or flats.

11 Step: Pink is everything. It makes up most of a decora girl's chosen colour for the outfit. That doesn't mean you can't wear black, but if you do, then wear a lot of pink to compensate.

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How to be Decora
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